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Gally et Mollusk are proud to introduce you nDoS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nDoS is a little utilities pack with a pretty nice GUI which should simplify your life (though the Paint..)

Let's try it and comment ! :)


Wednesday 10 aout

Huge update ! Version 0.6 Available
Birslip greatly helped for the making of this version. nDos is now almost finished.

List of updates:
-formating (?) of sram at firstboot.
-Global graphics improvement.
-Now able to import .txt .doc .html to the new ebook reader.
-Now able to import .csv to the new adress book.
-Calculator code improved.
-Added a functional paint.
-Carré rouge has been rebuilt.
-Added the game 'Boul' (from ppc) and 'demineur', for which best scores are saved.
-Texts are now displayed in your DS zone language (Well, only for french and English, since i do not speak Deutch, neither Italian nor Spanish or Japanese :D If you do, then email me plz :) ) So for other languages, texts are diplayed in English.

*non available with wifime dsl (cuz of gbfs)

Big kisses to Mollusk and Birslip who are currently on vacacions. See ya in 3 days guys(i leave to :p).

Wednesday 15 June

Fix of the main bugs and add of the "Carré Rouge" game with Birslip's participation.Much thanks to you Birslip !

A main update should arrive very soon ! ;)

Wednesday 1 June... Damnit' , allready thursday...

Brand new update, this time the user menu works :) We can now add a new user :p

The keyboard has been optimized too, which is now abble to display each presure on any key, autorepeat for Backspace, and finaly
the Shift key work now as a temporary Capslock.

Monday 30th May

Little update, with at the program the appearance of saves !
Nothing really wonderfull at the moment, but the typed text is saved... We just have to swich off the DS and to come back to see it back.

The keybord has been a little bite embelished, with the arrived of capital letters and some other symbols (you'll maybie need to add it to the font)